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4th Int'l AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media

May 23-26, 2010, George Washington University, Washington, DC

Sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

ICWSM 2010 Blog

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


ICWSM 2010 paper in the news

"From Tweets to Polls: Linking Text Sentiment to Public Opinion Time Series" by O'Connor et al. which will be presented at ICWSM got some press attention (Science, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, CNN, ArsTechnica ) yesterday and was slashdotted.

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The International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM) is a well-established academic conference that focuses on the study of social media platforms, their impact on society, and the analysis of social media data. Legit77

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The ICWSM 2010 paper has been widely covered in the media, bringing valuable academic insights to a wider audience. The media's attention highlights the paper's relevance and potential impact on discussions surrounding social media and web science. The paper's findings are emphasized, providing a bridge between academic research and public understanding. The media spotlight on the paper emphasizes the ongoing relevance of its contributions to social media research, effectively communicating its significance to a broader audience. The paper's enduring impact on the field is underscored by the media coverage, which serves as a catalyst for bringing the key concepts and discoveries to a wider audience beyond the academic community. The media's attention helps bridge the gap between academic research and public awareness.
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The ICWSM 2010 paper has been widely covered in the news, providing valuable exposure for its research findings and increasing public awareness. The article effectively summarizes the key findings and insights, making the research accessible to a wider audience. The article suggests providing additional context on the conference and its significance within social media research to enhance understanding. It also highlights practical applications and implications of the research findings, enhancing the real-world relevance of the study. The authors' quotes or insights provide valuable perspective and credibility. The article also discusses potential limitations or areas for future research, adding depth to the article and contextualizing the findings. Overall, the news coverage of the ICWSM 2010 paper serves as a valuable platform for disseminating research findings and fostering public discourse on relevant topics.
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The ICWSM 2010 paper has gained significant attention in the news, highlighting its lasting impact in social media studies. The paper's relevance in current news demonstrates the conference's role as a platform for cutting-edge research with real-world implications. The paper's practical applications could enhance its relevance in current news stories. Insights from authors or experts could offer valuable context and perspective for readers interested in the subject matter. Including references or links to the original paper for readers to delve deeper could enrich the news coverage. Highlighting any updates or developments related to the research since its initial publication could add relevance and timeliness to the news coverage. Overall, the attention garnered by the ICWSM 2010 paper reflects its enduring impact and relevance in shaping our understanding of social media dynamics.
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The ICWSM 2010 paper recently made headlines, sparking renewed interest in social media research. This pioneering study, presented at the International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, explored the dynamics of online communities and their impact on real-world events. Its findings shed light on the mechanisms of information dissemination and user interactions within social networks, influencing subsequent research in the field. By revisiting this seminal work, researchers and practitioners alike gain valuable insights into the evolution of social media platforms and their role in shaping societal discourse. The lasting relevance of the ICWSM 2010 paper underscores its significance in advancing our understanding of online communication dynamics.
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Exciting to see our ICWSM 2010 paper making headlines across major platforms like Science and CNN! The innovative work on linking text sentiment to public opinion is gaining well-deserved recognition.
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The ICWSM 2010 paper recently made headlines for its groundbreaking insights into social media behavior and network analysis, shedding light on contemporary trends in digital communication and influence dynamics. Its findings continue to influence research and practical applications in social media studies.
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