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4th Int'l AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media

May 23-26, 2010, George Washington University, Washington, DC

Sponsored by the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.

ICWSM 2010 Blog

Thursday, March 4, 2010


ICWSM paper decisions are done!

The technical-paper decisions for ICWSM have now been made, and notices have been sent out.

Overall there were 133 papers, posters, and demos submitted. Of these, 25 were accepted for plenary presentation - which is the maximum we could schedule in a single track. An additional 54 were accepted as posters, and 2 were accepted as demos. A list of accepted papers will be posted on the web site soon, with a detailed schedule to follow.

I'd like to give a big "thank you" to the PC and SPC for all their hard work, and the authors for writing and submitting a very strong group of papers!

- William

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The ICWSM conference has been a success, with authors expressing their excitement and gratitude for the constructive feedback provided by reviewers. The conference's diverse topics reflect the interdisciplinary nature of the conference, and authors express their excitement about presenting their work. Community members express interest in specific papers and ask questions about findings or methodologies. Comparisons between this year's accepted papers and previous conferences highlight evolving trends and emerging areas of interest. Potential workshops or panels related to the themes addressed in the accepted papers are suggested to foster collaboration. Posts encourage newcomers to explore the accepted papers and familiarize themselves with the cutting-edge research presented. Overall, the quality of the accepted papers is praised, showcasing the conference's potential for further collaboration.
The International Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM) has announced that paper selection for the conference has been completed. The decision signifies that organizers have reviewed all submitted papers, made decisions on acceptance or rejection, and notified the authors about the outcome. Accepted papers will be presented at the conference, while rejected papers may still have opportunities for improvement and submission to other venues. Authors should check their email or the conference website for notifications regarding their submissions. If accepted, they must prepare a presentation and make necessary revisions based on reviewer feedback. If rejected, they may consider revising and resubmitting to other conferences or journals. The completion of paper decisions marks a significant milestone in the conference preparation process, signaling the beginning of the next phase where authors and organizers collaborate to ensure a successful conference experience.dui en virginia

🎉 Hooray! The verdict's in for ICWSM papers! Congratulations to all authors! 📝 best interior decorators in chennai Let's celebrate the hard work and insights shared at #ICWSM! 🥳👏
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Great news on completing the paper decisions for ICWSM! With 25 papers accepted for plenary presentation and many more for posters and demos, it promises to be an exciting event. Congratulations to all involved!
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"IWSM paper decisions are done" marks a pivotal moment for researchers eagerly awaiting outcomes from the prestigious conference.

With decisions finalized, authors can now anticipate the publication of accepted papers and plan their participation in the upcoming event accordingly.

This announcement signifies the culmination of rigorous review processes and sets the stage for the presentation of cutting-edge research in the field of social media.

Overall, the conclusion of paper decisions brings excitement and anticipation to the academic community, heralding the dissemination of groundbreaking insights and discoveries at ICWSM.
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The ICWSM conference has completed its paper decisions, marking a significant milestone in the research community. The review committee's dedication and expertise are commended, and the transparency and efficiency of the decision process contribute to the credibility and integrity of the conference. Participants appreciate timely communication regarding paper decisions, allowing them to plan accordingly. The diversity of topics and perspectives in accepted papers reflects the richness of research within the ICWSM community. Congratulations to all authors whose papers were accepted, as their contributions will enrich discussions. The conference promises stimulating discussions and groundbreaking insights, with participants looking forward to engaging with the innovative research presented.
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The ICWSM paper decisions are done! review offers a concise and informative update on the status of paper submissions, providing transparency and clarity to conference attendees. The promptness of the announcement enables authors to plan accordingly and fosters anticipation for the upcoming conference. The review effectively communicates the completion of the paper review process, instilling confidence in the conference organization's integrity and efficiency. The reviewer's concise messaging and clear language enhance the user experience. The review demonstrates ICWSM's commitment to transparency and professionalism, setting a positive tone for the conference proceedings. Overall, the review comments offer reassurance and clarity to conference participants, fostering excitement and engagement in anticipation of the event.
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The International Conference on Social Media Studies (ICCWSM) has announced the finalization of its paper decisions, marking a significant milestone in the field of social media research. The decisions reveal the latest developments and insights in social media studies, showcasing groundbreaking research and innovative ideas. The papers highlight diverse perspectives and methodologies shaping the future of social media analysis, from novel algorithms to insightful case studies. The papers also acknowledge the contributions of all researchers whose work has been accepted, underscoring the importance of their contributions to understanding social media dynamics. The papers also set the stage for upcoming presentations and discussions, where scholars and practitioners will converge to exchange ideas and explore new frontiers in social media research. The finalized decisions serve as a preview of the groundbreaking research that will be showcased and discussed during the upcoming conference.
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